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My mother was admitted in Buckhm. on 6/29/05. At first it seemed to be a somewhat decent place for her to be but as months went by it was obvious that they were over-drugging her although I could not prove it. They insisted that it was dementia. She was 91yrs at the time so it seemed to be a good answer. She was VERY sharp but then she started sitting with her head in her hand, mouth open and drooling. This WAS NOT my mother. She was going downhill quickly. Unfortunately it is VERY difficult to move to another facility once you have admitted in one. It took me 2 YEARS to have my mother transferred to another facility and in that time she had the worse care ever! "I wouldn't put my dead dog in this place". In March of 2007 we had her admitted to a facility that gives above average care. Her prescriptions got under control. She NO LONGER sits around with her mouth drooling. Now at 99 & to be 100yrs old in May she is still pretty sharp. I too CAN NOT BELIEVE that this facility is even up to CODE. You cannot get a wheelchair IN the resident's bathroom. This is one SAD PLACE and should be SHUT DOWN. I only wish there was a way to prove their incompetency. My RATING IS ZERO!!!!!

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Hi, I had a similar situation at the Langhorne Gardens in regard to over drugging my Mother. My Mom was given both Zoloft and Xanax at the same time for the first time. We had NO idea and neither did her primary family doctor. This goes on at many rehabs and nursing homes. We need to let the entire country know what is going on in these places. I had no idea until I started reading everyones posts on line. It's heartbreaking. Why would anyone want to do this to the elderly. We must put a stop to this.