Review of Dallas Retirement Village Health Center

1 Star User Review

This place is terrible. Staff are rude, disrespectful, and uncaring in the nursing home section (aka "Health Care Center"). Family wishes are ignored. After suffering a stroke, my father was locked up in the dementia unit, instead of being treated and rehabilitated. His personal belongings were stolen on a daily basis, making life miserable for him and family, but the attitude of staff was that personal property belonged to everyone in the unit. After relocating to the 2nd floor of the nursing home, my father was continuously left dehydrated, despite family voicing constant concerns with aides and charge nurses. His oxygen tanks were left on empty. Doctor’s orders were not followed regarding medication administration and keeping toxic “air fresheners” out of his room. Aides lied about causing injuries to him. Call lights for help were frequently ignored. My father’s hearing was damaged; a charge nurse admitted to repeatedly cleaning out his ears with Q-tips, despite doctors saying not to do that. After “family care conferences”, the residential care manager would rewrite care plans that totally ignored family input and requests. The RCM also verbally abused residents in the dining room. Requests for timely assessments on ability to use his legs and help with mobility were ignored, and my father was forced into an avoidable decline, simply for the convenience of the facility. Problems brought to the attention of the administrator were treated like dirt. This facility has had bad ratings with the nursing home rating system for the past several years, and is currently rated at the very bottom. I hope that those who are considering aging in place in this community will reconsider other alternatives and locations, ones that offer quality of life, excellent care, and have good ratings. Do thorough research on ratings, reviews, and complaints of facilities before moving anywhere. Please stay away from this place.