Review of Hanover House

1 Star User Review

Poor housekeeping was evident as we noticed the same dirty pictures/tv dusty in the room for weeks. The linen was dingy and never smelled fresh. The staff is so busy trying to keep up with the work because there is only 1 or 2 at best on a hall at a time, that you better hope that there is not more than 2 people that need anything at any one given time. But do not say anything to the "higher ups" They do not care. (So what if you have one patient that is consuming 20-30 minutes of the 2 staff members time while your dad whom just had knee surgery and cannot move around independently, has to poop his pants because there is no one to help him to the bathroom) I would not leave MY loved one there knowing what I know now. Do not believe the lies that they tell you to get you in he door- ASK THE FRONTLINE STAFF IF YOU WANT THE TRUTH.