Review of Falls Village Retirement Community

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I agree with the above reviwe!!! My mother lived at Falls Village and it was somewhat ok at first when she could take care of herself,walk down to meals and back, brush her teeth and comb her hair and get herself dressed, but after they let her fall twice in one morning and she broke her hip on the second fall that day and had she to have surgery, it all changed. She not only had terrible care but fell 3 weeks later with 2 monitors on her and rebroke her hip and also broke her wrist, not to mention when I got there after they called me about the fall, they had her in the dinning room sitting in a wheelchair with a rebroken hip and no ice or anything on her wrist, and no pain meds. Not to mention she was in a puddle of piss that anyone even with a cold should have smelled. Oh and I didn't mention she HAD Alzhiemer's, so how stupid of me to think they would have keep a closer eye on her! This happened in July and she died in Sept. Think twice about where you put your loved one when your looking for GOOD care!!!!!! I would tell you not here!!!!!