Review of Pavilion Health Center at Brightmore

1 Star User Review

A friend of mine recently spent approximately 17 days in the Pavilion at Brightmore. I want to share several concerns of mine and theirs:

• No nametags worn or position indicated by anyone who gave medication or injections. They could have been anyone, including someone off the street meaning to do harm.

• Medication started at least 3 days after being sent to Pavilion’s pharmacy by the Eye doctor.

• Employees, including people who gave out medication or injections, never introduced themselves and seldom-to-never spoke to the patient.

• A therapist alerted the patient to a meeting about complaints against the staff. The issue being addressed was little-to-no communication between the staff and the patients. The patient signed the complaint form, listing their 2 major complaints. The response was an immediate visit from an angry employee who had not responded to the patient’s repeated requests during the prior 3 days.

• All meals were cold, including a bowl of tomato soup. There would have been no difference between what was given in sullen silence and simply opening and pouring it out of a can. Like you might expect in the prison of a 3rd world country.

• At night, there was only 1 male available to take up to 36 patients to the bathroom or attend to their needs- whether male or female. Again, no nametag, identification of role or communication of any kind. This one person was overworked and hostile.

• Most all employees coming to the patient’s room had foreign accents, making communication even more difficult. The patient and the staff had to resort to sign language on numerous occasions.

• The patient was in the hospital for their operation when shown the list of the rehabilitation hospitals. They chose this one- Pavilion at Brightmore- with no knowledge of it. Later, we discovered it had a 3-star rating (out of 5). This patient will never return there and we will caution others and everyone within our spheres of influence about this place.

• If you or a loved one needs the services of a rehabilitation hospital, please consider any other alternative than here.