Review of Renaissance Rehabilitation and Nursing Care Center

5 Star User Review

This place sucks!!! Hallways stink when there changing sheets, if your in pain don't bother calling a nurse because they take there time checking to make sure everything fine (if you can find a nurse at the station).

Physical therapy, you'd do better watching YouTube.

My husband changed in the 2 weeks he spent there. Once home he ran out of meds & we was going through withdrawal, turns out they were him & we ended up back in the hospital. My husband arrived there on a Friday & spent the weekend without meds, the rehab told us they never received them but when we ended up in the hospital… Turns out the pills were delivered to Renaissance & seemed to disappeared but the rehab knows nothing of this…

Knowing what I know now…ALL THAT GLITERS IS NOT GOLD, the place looks nice but really look into it before sending anyone there!!!