Review of Upper East Side Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

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They are short of staff, short on supplies and if you ask them for a diaper, they say that they have to go downstairs because there is no diapers on this floor, the staff are extremely lazy and they do not care about none of these patients, they just care about the money!!! He was admitted at 6:00pm on September 16th,2017, so why the lady who was assigned to him,comes in here close to 9:00pm when her shift is almost ending, if I was not there, he would have been soaking in pee?!!! So the next day on September 17th,2017, my uncle is there with my grandfather, and the first thing that he notice is that my grandfather is drenched in urine, they did not change him at all and he also notices that its cold in the room but my grandfather is drenched in sweat and he is having difficulty breathing, my uncle literally had to go off and get mad, and it seemed like they didn't care, they did come though. so they take his vitals, the lady named Grace, that took his vitals slips and say "this equipment is always broken, doesn't even really work." checks his oxygen "97" ,but he is in pain so they gave my grandfather "Morphine", they do this thing when it is time to give medication they ask you to step out of the room for some reason, made me wonder if they are giving the correct medication. So my sister, his other granddaughter ends up coming to see him, he looks worst than before, his body is cold to the touch but he is still drenched in sweat and his breathing has gotten worst, so my sister calls the nurse and tells her, all she says is that she is going to call the" supervisor", supervisor never came or called back. To find out there is only 1 doctor there at this facility of 400 patients, my sister asks for the doctor and they say "he is feeding somebody right now" this whole time they keep saying oh he looks fine to me. My uncle from the beginning kept on telling them that something is wrong with his father but nobody didn't care or listen. So my sister ends up calling "911", the EMT shows up, they check his oxygen, and its "78" like are you kidding me?! The entire time his oxygen was "78". Grace his nurse lied and said she noticed this at 6:00pm, she lied because my uncle kept saying something is wrong from this morning. My grandfather was suffering from a Cardiac Arrest this whole time and this facility did absolutely nothing!! The nurse was literally running out the door with her purse and jacket leaving to go home and not caring!! If my sister was not there, no 911 would have been called. My grandfather was rushed to lenox hill hospital, they did a x-ray on him, you couldn't even see his lungs because there was so much fluid, to find out he had gotten pneumonia, the hospital gave him a C-PAP machine, he started throwing up, suffered a seizure and unfortunately passed away yesterday night on September 17th, 2017! I blame this facility the cause of my grandfathers death because if they would have rushed him to the hospital in the morning he definitely would have had more time being alive and us spending more time with him! If you care and love your family members, I highly suggest and recommend that you please take them out of this facility! This facility and the whole entire Staff, Doctor, and Supervisors does not care about these patients at all, they do not check up on them, they neglect all of them, they mistreat them, abuse them, disrespect them. So if your family members are still alive, take them out of here! This is not a place for nobody to be in! THEY NEED TO GET SHUT DOWN!