Review of The Cottages at Garden Grove, a Skilled Nursing Comm

1 Star User Review

In Dec 2015, my 91 yr old father entered The Cottages as a self pay due to a severe muscle tear in his leg. He spent 2 days in the hospital, but did not qualify as a Medicare referral. He had to pay $6000 ahead before admittance to cover a $425/day charge. He asked and was told any unused portion would be returned. After 5 days the pain was tolerable enough he felt he could live at home w/family and PT help. Of course, the admin did not want him to leave as they were getting paid the full amount. It was very difficult to get administration to come to discharge him and have the papers completed. He was ignored really for 24 hrs after making his request known. The administrators were very unpleasant to him. Finally he was discharged, but 3 months later he is still waiting for a refund for his unused $6000. Despite numerous phone calls and letters initiated by him, no one has bothered to even reply. This has been very stressful for him. I guess they figure, at 91, they can just wait him out. This is a warning that you may find it hard to escape from here, even if Medicaid is paying!