Review of The Cottages at Garden Grove, a Skilled Nursing Comm

2 Star User Review

The Cottages have the potential of being warm, homey, and the type of surroundings conducive to healing. However, the administration of these lovely cottages leaves much to be desired. The food is brought in from not sure where, but at times is really awful. There are alternatives but they are not much better. The nurses and nurses aides are also the kitchen help and serve the food.

I was fortunate enough that I was mobile and could get around on my own with a walker, but those who were dependent on waiting for someone to help them were left alone way too long. Call bells were not answered in a timely fashion. At night the charge nurse shared services with 3 cottages so if you needed pain meds during the night you may have to wait 2 hours or longer.

Physical therapy and occupational therapy were received once a day. The therapists and staff were very friendly and helpful. The PT I received at another facility for a knee replacement was much more aggressive and I was out sooner than I was here for a hip replacement.

Overall I would not recommend this facility nor would I ever return if I needed short term rehabililiration. Much room for improvement at a lovely environment.

Replies to This Review

My father was there and I totally agree. They have staffing issues. A toothless guy named Doug works in 51 and is very unprofessional. He sits at the table and eats the patients food. None of the nurses want to work with him.

There are not enough employees to take care of the amount of patients.