Review of Daughters of Sarah Nursing Center

5 Star User Review

one of the worse nusing homes around, my mom was in there, they gave her medicine that was discontinued, Let her fall on her back out of bed, they said the side rail broke, One morning I went down, they had my moms door shut, I could hear my mom crying, I opened the door, they had her on a commode and was trying to force feed her, My mom was getting too much oxygen and was scared, I told them get out of her room, and I would take care of her, When my mom passed, my sister went down the next day to get her things, they had gone in stole her box of brand new candy my brother gave her for mothers day, they tried to tell me she ate it, I told them she didn't eat cause that day when we were there mom was unconscious I was sitting next to her and opened her drawer and the box was never opened, they stole a person container my mom had , nothing expensive, just something special my mom loved, this place is the worst place going