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From the moment my husband arrived until the day we were forced to leave (hind-sight the best day of our lives since he has been disabled) we felt unwelcome. My husband was actually forcefully abused, and even though the CNA who hurt my husband was found guilty (I think) she was not fired, and continued to be one of his care providers. My husband and I were willing to give the CNA a second chance but if we thought the care was bad before, it was nothing compared to what it became. My husband needed to get up and would push the call light and then would wait for anywhere from 5 minutes (which is GREAT) to and hour (which is not good at all.) He was also working toward bowel control and when he would ask to be put on the toilet so he could his aids would claim that they were busy and that he could just go in his "brief" (that means on himself) and they would come back and change him. I don't want to make this too long so I will end by saying this: if you are wanting to put someone into a facility don't choose this one; if you have no choice, make sure that the person you are placing is very cognizant (aware) of what is going on.

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This place is complete joke! My mother is treated like crap there. When I call to complain, they only take it out on her. We are trying desperately to remove my mom from this horrible place! The case worker there is making it damn near impossible. They are always searching her room and purse for things that are "missing" and blaming her for all sorts of things. She is only 56 years old, and she is very sick, but completely able to communicate unlike so many there. The nurses hate her for it. She has scratches on her back, had her hair pulled, and is miserable there. I don't understand how this happens.

My Mom was in there for quite awhile also. She had the aides steal from her. They knew who did it. She was physically and verbally abused. It so breaks my heart that we as a country treat our elders like they are a nusiance and a bother. No one wants to work at these places so they hire just any drug addict or anyone to work. And our family suffers. I was finally able to remove my Mom from this facility. I have to wonder how many people died while waiting for someone to answer the call lights. I know for a fact this is happening.