Review of Deptford Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare

1 Star User Review

Agree with previous reviews. A family member was recently there for a short stay. The place was filthy: a roach visited the room!! The floors are old and dirty, the closets were missing the formica covering, the radiators were rusty, the windowsills were falling apart, the bathroom had leaking and stained ceiling tiles. The aides did not assist getting out of bed: even stood in room watching patient struggle post op. Roomate asked for a little assistance and was told I'm not your aide. Patient cleaned room herself when able. No one responded to her need to go to the bathroom for over 30 min. resulting in her relieving herself in the bed. The emergency alarm in the bed was broken and disconnected. The food was ice cold(meant to be a hot meal). Wrong medicine was attempted to be given but stopped by patient. The only staff that should be complemented were the physical and occupation therapy staff. Patient ended up hospital next day after discharge with a severe gi infection.