Review of Meridian Nursing & Rehab at Shrewsbury

2 Star User Review

I chose this facility for my rehab after a bad TKR surgery (after seeing good reviews on the web) and stayed for 25 days and my experience has been totally unflattering and scary:

1. Food is of poor quality and often served hours late in the rooms;

2. Poor response to emergency button calls:

a. They most of the time ignore the calls even after passing thru' the area when the light in front of a room is ON;

b. Staff shift changes occur at hrs inconvenient to patients: around 7 AM when many are on IV for 1-2 hrs and the machines keep beeping for several minutes after the IV is over and no one bothers to disconnect them;

c. Once when I was on IV on a wk-end AM, I felt like going to the toilet and it took 40 mins to get some one to disconnect the IV to enable me to rush to the bathroom!

d. While the Rehab dept. was good (4*), I won't recommend this to anyone!