Review of Advanced Subacute Rehabilitation Center at Sewell

1 Star User Review

I'm a 57 yr old male who was transfered to Subacute Rehabilitation after major back surgery at Jefferson center city. Arrived 1/27/17, 1pm. I was told I didn't have any meds yet including my pain meds but did receive a shot of a very important blood thinner called heprin. Nurse informed me Jefferson was giving me it in arm which was incorrect and gave it to me in my left side abdomen.The following day I was notified my meds were in and received any pills along with a second shot of heprin on my right side by nurse Megan. That night 2am I hit nurse call button and told aid I needed pain med as I only had 1 since getting there, waited two hours called nurse again at 4am, aid said she would let nurse know again, 6am called again aid said she would let nurse know. Finally got pain meds at 7:15 am sun. Nurse Megan showed up with another heprin shot which I instructed her to no give it in stomach muscles as she did the day before. After shot my girlfriend noticed I was supposed to be getting shot every 8 hrs not every 24. At that point things got a little crazy, meaning they accused me of being out of it during the missing doses and that I was asleep. I know how many needles I've gotten in my stomach in my lifetime let alone over 3 days, at that point head nurse JP showed my girl a doctored up card with the added doses. This could have been more serious and could have caused death.Finally discharged 1/31/17 I'm a young man and ├žould not imagine my 85 year old loved one going through this. Jefferson hospital sent me there because of the 5 star rating. I found out they changed their name and added an addition. Please, do your loved ones a favor, use Kennedy's Rehab or Atrium