Review of Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center

1 Star User Review

i would like to advise anyone who reads this and would like the utmost in care for their dear family member NOT to choose King James Care Center. my poor grandmother lived into her 90's and was mentally alert and continent to her death. at king james profit seems to be of highest priority because while we were visiting staff was not available to take her to use the bathroom..she'd wait hours for someone to come, until she could not wait any longer. this is humiliating and should not occur in a healthcare facility meant to provide services to people at their level of ability. the people who attended her were kind but overworked and understaffed. the food was not great. her television broke during the last months there before she died and no one came and fixed it. this was her primary company besides her visitors. a women in the next room continually cried for help after her family left for the day and no one came to check on her or make her more comfortable for hours. a doctor, paid by the facility recommended my grandma remain there when i believe she would have been far better off in her home. or anywhere. i hope you take this review and search for a better facility if you have the means. you will not regret it.