Review of Rochester Manor

4 Star User Review

I didn't feel all that welcome the day I went to visit. I was left with the feeling they just wanted me to go away…..

Otherwise, I had a good impression fo the facility. Clean. Liked the daytime staff that I saw. Can't comment about evening or weekend staffing as I wasn't there.

Communication is very important to our family and everyone I met spoke clearly and was easy to understand. We've had past experiences where staff were not native English speakers and miscommunication occurred that resulted in medication mixups, as well as time and date snafus. (Would schedule an appointment for a certain day and time, arrive at nursing home to find that I was there completely on the wrong day. This is not good.

Manor is stone's throw from the hospital which is so helpful in the event an emergency occurs. Frisbie is a really nice hospital, people are treated well and with courtesy and dignity, and of course, quality of care.