Review of Pleasant Valley Nursing Center

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The Re-hab side of the nursing home is good I might give it 3 - 4 stars however the long term care is grossly understaffed and really need at least double the staff it currently has. the staff they do have are very nice but overwhelmed. My father was in there for 2 months and went from being totally mobil to wheelchair bound due to lack of them makeing sure he walked everyday. It seemed like they were trying to keep residents wheelchair bound to make care easier. He also was not allowed to toilet by himself so he ended up in adult diapers. Both of these issues have made him very unsteady on his feet and not able to now toilet with out assistance. I would keep looking for somthing better with a larger staff.

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I believe this within 24 hrs a coma patient was put in a recliner with no supervison and fell to the floor because they thought she was ready for therapy with reviewing all of the medical forms etc., physical and occupational therapists taking it upon themselves to act as a neuroligist and then tell me they ran diagnostic test she had brain sheering previously how am I to know that she is not further she was not sent outside to a qualified professional for a ct scan or a cat scan etc., I would not recommend this for my dog…