Review of Rolla Health & Rehabilitation Suites

1 Star User Review

RUN! Don't walk away from this home. Briefly, here are just a "few" complaints:

1. My mother was grossly neglected. One day, a resident pulled me to the side and said, "Be sure to feed your mother. They are not feeding her." Another day, after requesting my mother be dressed for lunch, I finally went to the kitchen at 2:30 and requested that I be handed a food tray, so I could feed her myself.

2. There is no continuity in staff. In two years, there were four different administrators. There were at least 3 different directors of nursing.

3. Staff honesty is sadly lacking. Excuses are made. Stories from different staff members are not consistent. Outright lies are told. On two occasions, we overheard staff lying to families of prospective residents.

4. Billing statements are not itemized. When details are asked for, promises are made, but itemized statements are never presented.

5. Communication between levels of staff is lacking. Concerns expressed to aides do not reach the top. Promises from leadership do not get conveyed to caregivers and become part of a resident's care.

6. Charges for physical therapy were submitted to Medicare for a resident that was left in bed most of the time. Family members who visited often did not see the resident being attended by a therapist.

7. There is a callousness in attitude of upper level staff. Family members expressing concerns are made to feel like they are considered to be uninformed trouble makers.