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If I could give this place zero stars, I would! I worked as a Social worker in this place with one specific individual for quite some time and found this facility to be an absolute NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!! It is filthy, the food is deplorable, putrid, disgusting. The caregivers are insensitive and in some cases mean & rude. There is a certain facade that the general public will see, but behind those electronic doors, it's a whole different ball game. Everything you see on their home page is a lie. The rooms are absolutely FILTHY! As a professional, I could not do my job because I was so busy doing the job of the facilitators. I had to change my patient's sheets, clean his room, help him with his personal needs. Those people who aren't fortunate enough to have an outside case worker (this is most of them) are in for a very rude awakening. I used to call it the Cuckoo's Nest, but it so much worse than One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest. If you even consider putting a loved one into this HELL, you are making the most grave mistake of your life. My eyes were opened to this place on a weekly basis. The only reason that I do not try to legally do something about it is because I am afraid that other places, God forbid, might be worse!!! I've seen this place go through inspections that PASSED (I don't know how), I've seen patient complaints to authorities turn on the patients, and I've seen retaliation. One is almost afraid to seek recourse or make complaints because the entire system is ROTTON TO THE CORE! They take people's social security checks, feed them slop, don't adequately care for them, AND they get by with it!!! I would LOVE to see a full blown investigation of this facility - but I'm deathly afraid that other facilities are like this. OH! And don't believe that BUNK about them having a Doctor, a barber, qualified nursing staff, etc. It's all lies! My patient went WEEKS with 2 separate injuries and I begged and begged for a doctor's care. They don't have one. They get ahold of whatever doctor will take medicare/medicaid (and there aren't many) and it can literally take WEEKS for the patient to get medical attention. This place needs to be shut down! For the LOVE OF GOD DO NOT PUT YOUR RELATIVE IN THIS PLACE!!!!!!

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Sounds like Armour Oaks where I am trying to get my mom out of. There staff is inept. Facility is clean and fiiid is good but staff has major attitude problems and are not trained properly