Review of Jefferson City Manor Care Center

4 Star User Review

The minute I walked in there they didn't even know my husband had been delivered from the hospital already. I get to his room and they get his name wrong, give him a walker with a pad missing so it is tipping over. He had an above knee amputation so he would have totally fallen. The nurses or whoever were in there were too busy with their own personal stories to even notice till I shouted at them. The place was dirty and falling apart. His second day they completely ignored his call button and was late on getting meds to him, especially pain pills. I called and was put on hold for 10 minutes while they gave him his meds and the nurse got on the phone to tell me it was done. I left him in your care so I could work and I get called 5 times! NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!! So I found a much cleaner place that actually took care of him. There's one more thing….the night before I transferred him to the new place myself and a friend of mine noticed a wound on his right leg that looked infected. The nurse who was handing out meds just leaned down and touched the open wound and said no it's not hot. She did not foam or put on gloves or anything before touching it. If there were a zero star that is what they would get from me!