Review of Dixon Nursing & Rehab

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I was looking at putting my mother here and it seemed like a nice place at first. But after researching it online I found some disturbing news. The worst of it was some very revealing pictures one of the nurses posted of herself on facebook. I would never want a pornstar taking care of my mother. If that is the type of employees they have then that is not a place I want my mother to be. Facebook can really tell you a lot.

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This appears to be a disgruntled employee. I believe I know the nurse in question, she isn't a "porn star", obviously if she was she wouldn't be working in little Dixon, Missouri as a nurse. This nurse has also been caring for my mother for some time now and does a wonderful job. She is empathetic, compassionate, and loving. Be careful what you post on the internet, slander and libel are all too real in modern day law suits.

AND she doesn't care when she gives people their medications. I has to coincide with her many smoking breaks!