Review of Shangri La Rehab & Living Center

1 Star User Review

I admitted my Mother five months ago to Shangri La Rehab and Living facility only to be very disappointed by there service. The administrative staff seemed very pleasant during the first day of having her and everything seemed to be in place. Nurses were doing their job and residents seemed to be very happy. How wrong I was. First week I visited my mother she seemed very different. A once optimistic and talkative lady was now quiet and very paranoid about her surroundings. At the first visit she didn't tell me what was wrong and I just assumed it was a shock factor for her to be taken out of her home and placed somewhere new. As the months passed I could tell my mom's health was declining. During one visit we were in her room and the bed was a mess so I figured I would just go ahead and make it (my mom being a very tidy and almost neat-freak her entire life) so my disgust I found bed bugs crawling under the seems of the mattress. There must have been at least 100 right there. I instantly went to one of the CNA or Nurses in the hall and told them about the problem only to be shrugged off and be told "We're working on it." while she walked off with a very uncaring attitude. I went to the Administrator of the building afterword's to discuss what happened when I tried to tell a nurse but to find out the Administrated was just as bad. The man was in a very obvious annoyed mood as soon as I entered the room. For who I assume to be a nurse(maybe wife?) leaving the room in tears. I ignored it and brought up the nurse who was rude to me even though I didn't catch her name I had the description of her and what she was wearing. After telling him about the nurse and the bed bugs he gave me an eye roll and shook his head in disbelief. He told me that the bedbugs were going to be exterminated tomorrow and they already knew about it. My question was why didn't they contact me about the bed bugs so I could've removed my mother for the time being. It's cruelty to have them laying in bed bugs when my mother can barely move on her own due to Parkinson's Disease. So it took me about a month later to visit my mother since I was out of town on a business trip for about three weeks. The bed bugs were still there and not only that I use to be a CNA in my younger days and noticed something awful. My mother was complaining about pains on her sides so I looked for her. She had about a Stage Two Pressure Ulcer. I was livid and continued to look at my mother for anything else. Her nails were very overgrown on her feet and her dentures had to have been soaked in hot water since they were now warped to the point that they didn't fit in my mother's mouth anymore. My mother also had been telling me at night time that the nurses were so loud in the hallway screaming and fooling around that it was hard for her to sleep. As well as that nurses would take thirty minutes to answer a call light during the day and often would tell her that they would be right back and then return when it was time to get them up for lunch or dinner. They let her soil herself and would not change her until it was night time again. The last thing she told me before I discharged her out of that facility and moved her to the Groves over in Lee Summit is that the Dietary staff was very mean to the residents and refused to give them snacks when they asked. She told me the Asian lady was incredibly rude and would cuss at her when she start to leave. This place is awful, dirty, and very distasteful. I suggest if you love your ones in need that you do not place them in this horrible facility.