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Today i contacted this home about my mother. I was lied to by the assistant director Christy Umberg. She said I could not get info about my mother. I contacted my mom she ststed that she had never said any such thing to them. Christy claimed to have some fake athority to do this. When questioned about facts she claimed to have none and refused to talk to my attny. she refused to give out the names of the staff or the attny the reprsents them. I asked for the corp. number a nd was denied because she knew she was lieing on tape.This is a very bad place that is trying to cover themselves because the were not cari ng for my mother correctly. Her leg was like a ballon becuse they had neglected her. I have photo's taken on Sun. They had also fogotten to feed her that day. I had to ask for food for her supper. They finally delivered some OLD dried up meat that was cold and looked like shoe leather, My dog would have chocked on it. I do not want to give this scumbag of a place any rating at all, but this system requires you to rate by star, sad, they should be closed down, check out how awful the place is for yourself. I am posting this to FB

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I concur with how awful this place is. The bigger question should be what is going to be done to correct this dire situation? You cannot pay somebody to care about your loved ones. This place is getting $5000-$7000+ per month for extremely shoddy, bottom-of-the-barrel-care. The aids are rude and disrespectful to the residents and their families. The solution would be to hire only qualified professionals who know how to act in a respectful manner. It starts from the top down. They got rid of the great military gal who made her charges tow the line. I just sat through a "care conference" in which I was lied to on several of my concerns. And yes, sometimes residences don't get fed. The ladies in the meeting clearly were just trying to get through it. One sat there yawning and another was picking at her nails throughout my time with them. This would have never been tolerated under the last management. Get your acts together and do your jobs. It's not unusual to find somebody else's underwear or shirt on my mother. These items are clearly marked with somebody else's name. Can the aids read English? Is this a requirement? I too never get my phone calls returned. Usually the women in reception on first floor has to run up to third floor because nobody will answer the phone up there. Common occurrence. And they get away with it!! WHY?? In my opinion if you are looking for a place for your loved one don't even consider this place. It used to be much better - my grandmother was here years ago - what can be done? Nobody seems to know or care.