Review of The Villa at St Louis Park

1 Star User Review

Sorry to say I agree with all the reviews already submitted. The first floor is beautiful to look at, but not a nice thing to have to experience living there. The night staff do disappear. The nurse is either passing medications or doing admissions and that leaves one nursing assistant for all the residents on the wing. One nursing assistant cannot help everyone to bed at bedtime. I guessed can wait half an hour for the light to be answered, easily. There is no flexibility or accommodation for the patient, it is simply what the nursing assistant has time to do in her best order. I did go upstairs to visit and that place should be gutted. It looks like a warehouse And smells worse. If you visit during the day on a weekday, you will probably find what appears to be sufficient staff, but try visiting in the evening or on a weekend. And it seems that this place is contracted with hospitals and patients have little choice with the vulnerability that they are currently experiencing to find somewhere else to go. But if you do have someone that can advocate for you, go somewhere else.