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On the positive note, the facility is clean, roomy and not over-crowded, but if you or your loved one is in need of physical rehabilitation, consider another location. My father was admitted to this facility after spinal surgery with expectation that he would receive frequent and productive physical and occupational therapy. The opposite was reality.

For the nearly 4 weeks of his stay, his therapy was limited to hand exercises with 'play dough' and leg lifts while confined to his wheelchair. His ability to stand worsened during his stay since there was no attempt to get him standing. He was left in the same position for long periods causing him pain and the need for excessive pain medication.

He is now home and in the first visit with the physical and occupational therapist, they had him standing and gave him standing exercises to do in between visits. He is now building the muscle he lost while at the Sanctuary.

Do not go to this facility for physical rehabilitation.

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I disagree with this review as I had tried 3 other facilities for my mom who was on a feeding tube and had been hospitalized with a stroke for 30 days. The speech and therapy departments are stellar and got mom swallowing again and back on regular food. Plus had her up and walking. She was previously at Westlake and they did NO therapy and she contracted pneumonia from laying in bed all day. The staff at Santuary was wonderful and would play games with her when she was bored.