Review of Hickory Ridge of Temperance

1 Star User Review

Can you use a -5 for a rating? I had a family member who was there recently. During my very first visit I observed the following: Most of staff not wearing name badges to identify who they are, when you go to the nurses station, you are ignored until staff finishes their conversations with each other, there isn't a nurse in the dining area during meals (what if someone chokes?), trays are delivered uncovered and if resident needs assistance the food is cold before they are fed, no alternates are offered if someone doesn't like the entree, staff who is to feed residents talk to each other ignoring the residents, when someone is to have physical therapy, they do it one time a day, aren't assisted/encouraged to walk to dining areas or in halls, they become dependent, no one knocks when going in and out of resident rooms, incontinent patients aren't taken or offered the restroom every two hours. ALL THAT WAS OBSERVED WITH ONE VISIT -