Review of Roosevelt Park Nursing and Rehabilitation Communit

4 Star User Review

My Aunt is staying at Roosevelt for rehabilitation for her hip, I can say I am very impressed with her care from all the staff.

Our family always gets a call when her health changes. They let us know when she has appointment off site. We talk with nurses and staff about nutritional needs. One evening our Aunt had emergency, Pro Med was called, ER visit, Aunt released back to Roosevelt home. The 2nd shift nurse was still there when arrived at 2:00 A.M. this told me she was really concerned and cared about my Aunt.

The home is clean and for the most part organized. Staff always speak to us when we walk down hall. I am impressed with the size of the rooms.

My Aunt talks about the things she wants to do for the home and residents when she is discharged , she plans on making knited blanket like the one they put on her when she arrived to the home from the hospital, she was chilled and one of the nurses put a warm quilt on her, she did not quit talking about it for days. I know the difference when I see staff helping because they care and love the job they are doing. The job is difficult and staff provide a good service with dignity and care. When my Aunt gets home she will write a letter and let all know of her experience first hand.