Review of Heartland Health Care Center-Fostrian

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I would not recommend this facility to ANYONE. My mother was there for hospice for about a month and a half. There were some staff that were ok, one person that was wonderful but a majority were overworked and didn't care. I understand that nursing homes aren't easy or fun places to work but many of these people did not belong working with patients in any way. We had an incident where she had pressed her call light to get assistance going to the restroom. After waiting an hour she could not wait any longer so she unsuccessfully attempted to get there by herself and ended up falling to the floor. When the night nurse finally saw her on the floor, she proceeded to yell at my mother for not waiting until her call light was answered and roughly returned her to bed. My mother was concerned about having injuries because various places on the side she fell on hurt yet no one tried moving the joints or feeling for injuries in any way. I was furious and asked at the nursing station if any type of exam or xrays had been or could be done. After being told by several people "oh that's the <insert some other job title> responsibility, I can't do that" with no offers to help find that type of person. Finally I pushed the person in charge to either look her over or find someone that could ASAP. No idea why that had to be so difficult. Also when talking to the staff about the incident and asking to file a complaint, every single one of them knew who it was that had treated her so poorly even though I never said or even knew the person's name. I was ready to move my mother as quickly as possible but Shelly contacted me and was awesome. She checked in on my mother regularly and assured me she would make sure she was being treated and cared for well.

The rest of the stay there were minor other annoyances, they would not let her attempt PT or OT with their staff or equipment because she was hospice. Her last day I asked the staff if she had woken up at all and was told she must have because she refused food. I don't think there is any way that was possible but they insisted that it wasn't just a matter of her not responding when they went into the room but that she had actively refused food. Then when she did pass when I arrived they had already packed all her belongings, I would have rather done that myself. If I had, I would have seen that a $20 bill that had been in her cell phone case was suddenly missing. I guess they felt entitled to a tip?

Shelly was great, the lady I normally saw at the front desk was always nice and friendly as well but the rest were either overworked or do not belong working with people.