Review of Life Care Center of West Bridgewater

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My mother was placed today in this nursing home.

When I arrived her room was ice cold. I went to the nursing station and had three conerns:

1. the room was cold: I was told someone would be down to adjust the a/c. I stayed over an hour. No one every came.

2. My mother needed a bedpan. Waited more than 30 minutes….no one came. When I went to the desk to ask that my mother be changed, was give an icy stare and told that she would just have to wait, and that the aide had 12 patients to take care of.

3. Asked then nurse if there was a policy about what time TV's got turned off. Was told my brother had been given all the policies information earlier and that I should ask him. Nurse actually refused to answer the question!

4. Nurse never got off her rear end the whole time I was there. Obviously resented being "bothered" in a patient's behalf.

I hope to God that his nurse was atypical of the staff and that she is not permanently assigned to my mother's wing. Her msg, loud and clear: GO AWAY AND DON'T BOTHER ME. I HAVE NO COMPASSION AND DON'T CARE HOW YOUR MOTHER FEELS. I hope she very soon finds herself incapacitated and in a similar condition to my mother. Wish she had the imagination to wonder what it feels like to be in that situation. May she soon find out.