Review of Masconomet Healthcare Center

5 Star User Review

Both of my parents required subacute rehab at he same time. My mother was transferred from a Harvard hospital, my father from an out of state regional medical center. IN both cases, the discharge planners at the acute hospitals did due diligence, and recommended Masco as a top choice. Our experience matched expectations, particularly with regard to the thoughtful and intensive interaction with the various rehab specialists (super, in our view), nursoing staff, aides, and SW staff. The facility is clean, well lit, and quiet. Although many family live at a distance, we have found it easy to communicate with the staff. Discharge planning was comprehensive, timely, and implemented well. I wish to note that I am a concerned family member who lives out of state, with no ties to te hfacility, and I offer my/our genuine thanks to the Masco team for helping us through a difficult stretch. Others can weigh this opinion as they deliberate whether to admit a family member there.