Review of Quincy Health and Rehabilitation Center LLC

5 Star User Review

The staff at Kindred are all very kind, friendly, and nurturing; from the nurses to the administration,to CNAs (nursing assistants), to the housekeeping staff. Everyone greets you. I have had a wonderful experience at Kindred. When I first arrived I was so sick and weak I could barely get out of bed or dress myself. Now, thanks to a lot of hard work, encouragement and guidance for highly skilled therapists not only am once again dressing myself, I am well into my recovery and getting a little stronger every day. The social workers are also great, making sure that any equipment you might need, such as a walker, nebulizer, cane, etc. when you transition back home is ordered ahead of time. This has been a huge relief for me, personally, not to have to worry about such things. Family and friends are welcome but encouraged to visit patients whenever they can. If you are looking for a transitional care or rehab facility for your loved one Kindred is the best place to be. I highly recommend it and would even place my mom or dad here in such wonderful caring hands.