Review of Riverbend of South Natick

1 Star User Review

My mother was there for 4 months recovering from a fall. She was also in the early stages of Alzheimer's. No one there had any training or experience in treating Alzheimers, although they said they did. My mother is and always had been the sweetest, kindest and best mother - she was scared in disoriented there and she would wander out of her room and not do what they said at times. Despite our best efforts to be there and calm her, she could not remember for a moment what they told her to do (or not do) and they took this as a personal affront. They would call us and tell us how (and I am quoting) "bad"she was and how she wasn't doing her exercises (hello, she couldn't remember what she was supposed to be doing) --- the head nurse said alzheimers was her "speshiality" (a total joke) -- What is so troubling to me is their complete lack of compassion. If you have a loved one in any stage of dementia, I would run away from considering this place. There are wonderful, caring and very skilled professionals who are very equipped to deal with patients such as my mother but they do not exist at Riverbend!