Review of Excel Center for Nursing and Rehab at Lexington

1 Star User Review

Sadly, and I truly mean this, you are better off dead than in this place. Depressing, dirty, complete lack of humanity.

Which was the biggest turn off… Was it the feces ground into the bathroom floor of my father's room? Or the used disposable gloves (used when handling patients) that were sitting on the window sill for 3 days. (And still there when we left.) Along with the 8 dirty glasses that piled up around him because no staff member would clear them away. This "rehab" would break the spirit of any person, and I want to cry for all the poor souls that have to live there. Not one picture on a wall - complete barrenness. Not one clock or calendar anywhere. (How is a patient supposed to orient themselves to time and date?!?!?)

They forgot to bring my father his lunch. When it finally showed up, it was ICE cold - they couldn't even be bothered to heat up the turkey, mashed potatoes and squash. The receptionist couldn't even manage to have a simple conversation with me - she was on her cell phone with one of her kids and actually kept interrupting ME so she could yell at her kid on the phone. Painters yelling in spanish to each other, randomly coming in and out of the room, painting, vacuuming - complete chaos. Paint one *empty* room at a time!! DUH!!