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  • Worcester Rehabilitation & Health Care Center Worcester, Massachusetts 01604

    I to was a patient brought in for rehabiliation. My family didnt know where to have me go and i said we could try. well it was absolutely the most horrible envirnment that i have ever been in. I did not get my meds for over ten hours and i i fell t rying to get to the bathroom for i couldnt get help. it took me six month to heal my leg I hurt in this place. No human being should ever be treated as I was there. It has changed my world for now i trust no place even a hospital and have tried really hard to get through this experience. please, if you have someone that needs help do whatever it takes to keep them out of this hole. when they took the hospital down they should have taken this buidling down and the staff are not on the up and up. i really cant say enough about this place. they herd people in that have next to no money and treat them worse than a farm animal is treated. close this plae down before something really goes wrong. horrible place

  • Kindred Transitional Care & Rehab-Country Estates Agawam, Massachusetts 01001

    Pros: Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy was good. The facility is clean and presents well. One office employee was helpful.

    Cons: This facility has a TON of work to do. There was no communication (except if they needed something signed) unless initiated from the family.. When asked to talk to a nurse, doctor or have someone call me or know the goals/ progress in PT or OT, the staff always started the answer with.."Well, you can…" Meds were changed without telling the family. The packet of my mother's medical records had some errors (it said she was blind in one eye..not so) and a page from another patient was included in our packet.The amount of personal items that got lost was stunning. Her hearing aids went missing for 3 days (no one told me..I was there every day). When they were finally located, they put them in a drawer until I went and got them and put them in my mom's ears.When we were checking her out, her Nurse's station did not know she was scheduled to leave, We were only there for 3 weeks, but I could go on and on.

  • Merrimack Valley Health Center Amesbury, Massachusetts 01913

    My husband has been a resident at Merrimack Valley Health Center. His stay here has been excellent. The staff is very good and very thorough. They have treated my husband and myself with respect and friendliness. He would come back again without hesitation. We would both recommend MVHC to friends and family; as a matter of fact we already have.

  • Care One at Concord Concord, Massachusetts 01742

    Understaffed, unskilled and unprofessional. They took five days to get my mom's pain under control. One of the aides didn't know how to correctly clean her after using the bathroom. Average time to get a response to a call bell was forty-five minutes. While there were SOME nice people who worked there, the nursing manager's didn't seem to care about my mom. The day that my mom was discharged the head nurse didn't even know she was being discharged and we had to wait two hours for them to complete the paperwork. She's never going back there again.

  • Royal of Cotuit Mashpee, Massachusetts 02649

    Perhaps the last two reviews were under old management and staff but I have only good things to say about the staff at Royal of Cotuit.

    Choosing a nursing home for a loved one, as you know, can be a difficult, stressful and heartbreaking task. Having to do it for my father, and knowing it would be his final place of rest, was depressing, overwhelming and very last minute as we learned his lung cancer was advanced and he needed to be under 24-hour care immediately. Right after choosing The Royal of Cotuit we remained unsure of whether or not we made the right decision even though our initial tour was caring and encouraging and we had no complaints about the facility. But entrusting strangers to be caregivers for our loved one was a scary thing to some degree especially when his needs were 24/7, challenging and intimate at times.

    Now, after his passing, we can share that we couldn’t be happier or any more pleased than we are with the care the staff at Royal of Cotuit gave my father, and my family, during his time there. Everyone was so very caring, comforting, concerned, empathetic and just had a determination to get my dad in the best state of health and comfort that was possible for him and his situation. Knowing he only had weeks left, we wanted to be sure that he was surrounded by caregivers who provided nothing but the best. Everybody was professional, kind, friendly and just showed signs of wanting to do their job and do it well. We are truly grateful for everything they did for him including how they tried different ways to get him to eat and drink with his dsyphagia. Although attempts to get him to eat or do therapy were refused at times, I know he was content there and each staff member made him smile at some point. It should also be mentioned that the meals provided to the patients are delicious. While visiting and on his last day we were allowed to eat with my Dad and the food tasted so good that my brother had seconds one day. It’s nice to know their food options are great.

    The staff also consoled and took the time to help my mother, as well as my brother and myself, with any questions or concerns we had including everyone from the office and housekeeping to the nurses and therapists. Their patience, compassion and support did not go unnoticed for her and our family.

    All the staff members have such an important role in the care of our elderly and some of those jobs, although critical, can be unflattering. I’m sure they do not get the thanks and praise that they are so deserving of for all they do. It is my intent in this review to let others know that my family appreciates all they did for my father. They did such a fantastic job taking care of my father, and always with empathy and a smile, that we never felt the need to call in hospice care. My father had stage 4 lung cancer; most people would call in hospice but we never felt we needed to. The staff alone at RC made my father as comfortable as could be as well as our family.

    If anyone out there is considering the Royal of Cotuit for their loved one, I can tell you they do a great job.

  • Watertown Health Center Watertown, Massachusetts 02472

    As time goes on, Watertown is starting to feel more and more like home. I have started cultivating friendships with other patients here, and I hope to try and continue some of those if it comes a point in time where I am to leave the facility. There are a number of staff here that I am thoroughly happy to see every day. I get to sit next to the fish tank in the dining room, and the boss of the building brings her dog in every once in a while, and that is always a happy sight to see.

  • Watertown Health Center Watertown, Massachusetts 02472

    Sometimes, there comes a time when tough decisions need to be made, and I am glad I made the one I did to come here, to Watertown. Now don't get me wrong, I was hesitant at first, but the longer I was here, the more comfortable I became. It just feels like a place that I want my family to come to. I enjoy watching the fishes in the fish tank in the beautiful dining room, I enjoy having the freedom to walk around and get some of my own exercise, even outside on the patio when the weather is nice out. I enjoy eating in the dining room whenever I get the chance, and even play Bingo three times a week, where sometimes I even win!

  • Braemoor Health Center Brockton, Massachusetts 02301

    Although I was only at Braemoor Health Center for a little over a week they were all very good to me. Anything I really needed or wanted they were extremely accommodating. The physical therapy department is absolutely great. They really know what they are doing and they help greatly when you need to get back on your feet. Everyone there is so kind and professional. The facility is really clean and beautiful and the staff does a wonderful job at making you feel like you are at home.

  • Woodbriar Health Center Wilmington, Massachusetts 01887

    My mom is currently a resident of Woodbriar and has been since 2013. Mom lived alone in Florida for many years before coming to Mass to visit her family. I felt Mom should not be living alone anymore. Then Mom one day was having severe pain, she was transported to the hospital. After a few days she was transported to Woodbriar for inpatient rehab. Therapy plus regulating her Pin medication helped her a lot. Mom did well and all the staff in the rehab department was very helpful, knowledgeable and kind to both my mom and me. The nurses were very compassionate and caring and they took very good care of my mom. Mom really hit it off with some of the nurses; CNA’s and rehab staff too.

    Unfortunately Mom was still unable to do some of the simple tasks that she needed in order to come home. A decision was made for her to become a long term resident. It was hard for both my mom and I initially to deal with this news. Moms adjusted after a few weeks once she was moved upstairs. The nurses and CNA’s helped to make her transition a little easier. Some even would go upstairs and visit with my mom or stop and say hello to her when she was in activities. My mom really enjoyed seeing familiar faces.

    She has been doing activities and even eating in the dining room. The food is pretty good; mom says it isn’t like our home cooked meals. I have had the chance during cookouts and at functions to join in the meals and it isn’t too bad. There are lots of different activities for everyone to enjoy. Mom loves the music, exercise, field trips and sometime the arts and crafts, bowling and bingo. During the nice weather we enjoy time outside on the porch or in the courtyard. The grounds outside are well kept, the inside is very homey.

    The upstairs nurses, CNA’s seem to care about their resident’s needs. Mom has even made comments about how well they treat her. This makes me relax a bit more at ease to hear her say this to me. Some go above and beyond and it is apparently that they love their job. When my mom had pneumonia the staff was wonderful, they treated mom quickly and were there foe her every step of the way. I really didn’t want to move mom to the hospital. It was the right call on so many different levels. When I couldn’t be here they would either call me with updates or I would call the nursing desk to get updates. They were just wonderful each and every one of them. The cleaning crew, kitchen staff, office staff, front desk, social worker are all very nice as well. The staff is there to answer any question I might have, and address any concerns I may have in a timely fashion.

    I would recommend this facility!

    Kathy B

  • Worcester Rehabilitation & Health Care Center Worcester, Massachusetts 01604

    Filthy facility. Smell of urine as you walk through. Residents left in corridor in own body fluids unattended. Inadequate staffing. Very little professional care. Residents left for hours crying to attend bathroom. Very little or no security at any time.

  • Brentwood Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center (The) Danvers, Massachusetts 01923

    Horrible facility!

    Promised they were equipped to handle overweight patient in which they were not. Patient fell while being stood up to walk due to one of the two nurses not holding on to her enough. They then had to call the fire department to come and pick her up. This embarrassed her totally and put a stop on her desire to get out of bed again. The wheel chair they had for her didn't fit her and was very uncomfortable causing her to not want to sit in it. One day without any knowledge they stopped her therapy due to lack of progress (which was the staff's fault). She is never bathed or showered and never gets her medication on time. Unfortunately, she has no place to go or we would have moved her weeks ago.

  • Brockton Health Center Brockton, Massachusetts 02302

    It's an over all good place. All staff is friendly and helpful. Only issue I have is with the dietary department, there's room for improvements. The rules and policy's about unmonitored outings, we shouldn't have adults who are mentally and physically able to get permission from a second party. If our doctor says we're capable to function on our own we shouldn't need assistance from others.

  • Merrimack Valley Health Center Amesbury, Massachusetts 01913

    About a month ago, I was taken from the CCU at the Merrimac Holy Family

    Hospital; where I was taken after suffering from life threatening problems

    that put my life into severe jeopardy. I was experiencing pneumonia, which

    caused sepsis. I was severely anemic, dehydrated, my BP was extremely low,

    and my kidneys were shutting down. Once I was thought to be out of danger,

    a week later - I was taken to the Rehab at the Merrimack Valley Health Ctr.

    in Amesbury, Ma. to help me continue getting better, and assist me with my

    other issues of fibromyalgia and chronic back pain, due to degenerative disk

    disease, etc.

    I just wanted to go home, and when I arrived at the Merrimack Valley Health

    Ctr. I was not a happy camper. I am a person, who found it hard to accept

    help from others, although I was one who strived to help everyone else all my life. Right from the very start, the incredible nurses, cna(s) rehab folks,

    and even the maintence crew began to settle me down, alleviating all my

    fears. They showed me kindness and respect, inspite of my incontinence

    issues; reassuring me, and cheering me on until I comfortably accepted

    their willingly given help. I spent a week there, surrounded by the most caring dedicated crew I have ever met in my life. It is through their caring, hard work making sure that I was able to pass all the goals they set,to return home !

    The food I received was delicious, the cleanliness was great. I even had a

    chance to see some of the entertainment there, provided by volunteers. The

    whole experience there in the rehab section- first floor- was simply the best !

    I have spent many years watching family members and friends going through

    rehab, and in nursing homes, and could only wish they could have experienced the quality here.

    Thank you. Sandy Von Allgeier - Merrimac, Ma.

  • Blueberry Hill Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center Beverly, Massachusetts 01915

    Rehab and occup therapy staff are decent not great.

    Cnas don't care and are rude to patients.

    Nurses are barely adequate. Medications are always delivered late. God forbid a patient with copd needs their Med in an emergency.

    Food barely tolerable.

    Only one dr on staff and no coverage when has a day off.

  • Sandalwood Center Oxford, Massachusetts 01540

    The paint is pealing from some of the walls, there is absolutely no hand sanitizer anywhere to be found, which seems VERY strange, and residents are crammed into a room together, three at a time, so that they have almost no personal space. Oh, and the residents' laundry just disappears, so the staff have to scramble to find clothing for people (clothing that does not belong to the particular resident) . That said, most of the staff are excellent--the one exception is the director of nursing (Kim L.). She's extremely condescending and does not listen to other staff who voice concerns, nor does she care about family members. She really needs to be fired. Seriously

  • Royal of Cotuit Mashpee, Massachusetts 02649

    Also a very negative experience with social worker, incompetent and rude. Food is not good they don't provide enough rehab and the environment is poor, smelly, broken furniture, and this was the rehab side! Can't imagine what the nursing side is like. What I don't get is how hard is it to take better care of the elderly? My relative has had several stays at many rehabs so I feel like I'm a good judge. I have had relatives stay at the other Royal facilities and they are a bit better, but it's incredible to me that this social worker keeps her job! I'm an advocate for my elderly family members, what about all those poor elders that don't have anyone fighting for them? Scary, don't send your loved one here if you can help it. On a positive note, the rehab and direct care staff were pleasant and competent and sweet to the residents.

  • Hunt Nursing & Rehab Center Danvers, Massachusetts 01923

    My brother recently spent three weeks at hunt for rehabilitation after being hospitalized with a critical illness.They made it possible for him to return home by teaching him the skills necessary to walk a flight of stairs get himself to the bathroom and dress himself He was keep very clean treated with respect and allowed his dignity.All staff members were kind friendly and attentive.The facility may be in need of upgrades but what was important to my family was the quality of care shown to my brother Tom.We were kept informed of his progress and the social worker was great at calming not only my brother but the whole family.I am very grateful to all involved with his care and would highly recommend Hunt .Do not nudge a book by its cover.This staff are great people very compassionate.