Review of Maison Orleans Healthcare of New Orleans

3 Star User Review

When we met with representatives of the nursing home, we got a very positive picture of the therapy offered, which was the most important factor in our choice. A visit to the site revealed a clean, if not very modern facilty. However, when the patient moved to the nursing home from the hospital things began to change. We found out that the nursing home had been sold and that the rules and services offered changed from what we were told beforehand. We would have appreciated a more honest and open communication, so that we could have made a more informed decision.

Staff turnover since the purchase of the nursing home has been frequent and is disruptive to the patients and families. The quality of care has been affected as nurses and aides with poor training or disgruntled attitudes are hired. In recent months the call system used by the patients has been been disrupted, with weeks when there was to call system and weeks when the system did not work fully. Staff was instructed to check on patients more frequently but did not. Many of the staff members also showed less than professional attitudes toward their work, holding loud conversations or shouting through the hallways to get someone's attention.

Speech and occupational therapy worked hard with patient. Physical therapists were less effective and caused the patient to lose ability already gained in working with the hospital therapists. The physical therapist doing the initial assessment was dismissive of the goals of the patient and family.

For the staff members who were really kind and caring and did provide good care we are deeply grateful. Unfortunately, many of them left before we did due to changes brought by the buyout. We realize that these changes were hard on the staff and tried to be understanding. But the quality of care was affected.

We rate this facility 3 stars for the good things about the place. But we would not want to go back there, and cannot recommend it for a therapy program. The lack of attention by the physical therapists caused a setback in the patient's progress that was unnecessary.