Review of Camelot Brookside

1 Star User Review

The facility is brand new, looks clean. The staff seemed extremely caring and nice on the first day. Once we got my family member settled in, and Camelot Brookside Jennings got our money things changed. The staff was threatening. Very rude and unhelpful. They do not change the patients in a timely manner. Found my mother crying on the floor. She had been wet for no telling how long. My instinct was to take her out but against my better judgement we kept her there and hospice began to help out. Later on she passed away. In an autopsy we found she had been given lortab. Which was not prescribed. High level in her system which meant it had been given for a while. Obviously nothing was done about this. It could have been the reason for her passing. Looking back, I would have kept her home with me. Very sad how the people are treated there. Very disappointed. Would not recommend