Review of Colonial Care Retirement Center

1 Star User Review

My father has been a resident for a short period. The food is horrible. The portions are small, and always leaves him hungry. He is supposed to get double portions, but seldom does. He had a wound that is supposed to be treated 3x weekly, but I often come in to find an outdated dressing. I spoke to the DON, when she was there, which was seldom, concerning this and was told she would look into it. The next time I came, his dressing was 3 days past due once again. When my father went into the facility he had pkenty of clothing, and several pairs of shoes. Within a few weeks he only had about 3 sets of clothes, and 1 pair of shoes. They never have enough cna's to provide care for him. I often find his brief saturated when visiting, The administrator, although very nice, does not seem to be much help in resolving any situation I bring to her. The only good thing about this facility is 2 of his nurses. They always tend

to him gently and ensure he has\ plenty to eat, and that he gets his medicine. This is no small task since my father often refuses his meds. These 2 nurses are patient with him and are persistent and usually get him to take it. I recently found out that his weekend nurse is no konger employed with this facility, I really wish I knew where she was working so I could bring my father there. We really miss you Amy, and Stephanie keep up the good work.