Review of Manor Court of Carbondale

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My husband's stay at Manor Court in Carbondale was short, 2 weeks & 2 days. We were quite relieved to be told we had to leave the skilled care unit of Bounceback. The recliner he was told would be provided never did arrive. Even when I offered to buy it, the unit leaders said they had to get it. His physical therapy was about 30 min. per weekday. His time using a walker was limited within that therapy session, so of course, he never got any better at walking or moving himself from bed to wheel chair. When not in bed, he was set in the wheel chair and transported where he needed to be via that. When I asked why not use the walker, the reply that he could only use that if a physical therapist was available to assist him. His speech therapy was not provided as recommended. He was on tube feeding, so food by mouth was not allowed. The speech therapist said there was no sense in doing speech therapy because the goal of that was to eat. If he ate, he might aspirate and get pneumonia again, so they did not want to be part of that.

Everynight he needed help urinating, even into a urinal. He pressed the button to call for help, but help was too slow in coming. So, every night he was wet with urine until someone came to change the wet clothes and bedding. It really was a mess and very disruptive of his sleep at night. We were told that only two staff persons were in that wing during the night. Some days the uninal with urine in it would sit on the dresser all day.

The room was not well cleaned. The bed rails, the tray table, the dresser top, and the bathroom always needed to be wiped clean. Spills were poorly cleaned up, and soiled linens went unchanged for days.

There were a lot of people around during the day, but their names were not posted in the room, nor was their position. It was hard to know who to ask for.

After a few days in the double room, a request was made for a private room It was explained that it would cost $40 a day more. Even after agreeing to pay that charge, the change of room was never made, even though it was supposed to occur within the week. The location of the bathroom for two people was poor. Taking the pole and bag for the tube feeding into the bathroom via the wheelchair only was a real trick. The bed by the door got the light and noise from the hallway, as well as people walking through that space to get to the other bed space.

Staff were very casual about hygiene. They seldom washed hands or wore gloves. Equipment used for feeding and medications were not stored, cleaned, or protected from contamination, even after a verbal note of that practice was issued.

So, the service that was going to be provided was not provided. Information was slow, incorrect, or not available in a timely manner. Staff were reluctant to do anything other than their specific task. If they left to get an appropriate person, they seldom returned. The place looked really good, but in reality was not suitable. We were glad to be told he had to leave.