Review of Lacrosse Health & Rehabilitation Center

2 Star User Review

Not impressed & not reccomending.Nothing like online photos.Visible staff occupied with paperwork.Front door alarmed, beeping & ignored for 15 minutes. Smelled of urine and diarhea .Very loud, residents crying all night with sleep also impossible for other residents. My loved one put into a wheelchair,not allowed to walk without a P.T., though he was walking when admitted and needed to do so for recovery.Personal items stolen. He gained excessive weight, despite diabetic meal needs.He was alloted a tiny corner space aprox. 12x12 feet. The shared toilet faced his bed, he was miserable and depressed.If you must have a loved one here, stay on top of care daily, insist on blood pressure and other monitoring reports (medical file) daily, be alert and take note of what you see around you. Ask your loved one specific questions.Frequent visitors and connecting well with staff is smart.Wish we had contacted Omnbudsman instead of taking a wait-and-see aproach.