Review of Cambridge Post Acute Care Center

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unless you are willing to go daily at different times to check on your love one this is not the place to put that family member there is ALOT of people that do that just put the love one there and does not go visit or rarely go SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!! that love one more than likely took care of you an NOW IT IS YOUR TURN TO TAKE CARE OF THEM AN MAKE SURE THEY ARE BEING TAKEN CARE OF MAYBE THAT IS WHY THE STAFF IS LIKE THEY ARE THEY SEE YOU DONT'S CARE SO WHY SHOULD THEY?????? when you have your "regulars" (the ones that work all week with the resident) CNA's and Nurses and it is their weekend to work everything is ok however the weekends your "regulars" are not working it is AWFUL staff is totally LOST I feel sorry for the resident of nursing home ; lunch is at 12 noon however food does not come out till 12:30 the staff takes the trays up at 1pm, the resident that need help feeding well they may eat or may not it depends if the staff likes them or not. most residents are in wheelchairs and need to be taken to restroom which to my understanding it is suppose to be every 2 -3 hours this does not happened I have been there. my rating is for the staff that is not the "regulars" because I do go see my love one and other people love ones!!!

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AMEN on the above review you must be there for the love one to show you care