Review of Roswell Nursing & Rehab Center

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My mother was in this nursing for awhile. Her medications were allowed to run out several times for days at a time. She had to have serious surgery, and when she was admitted to the hospital, she was found to have a very swollen, bruised knee. When asked about it, she told us that she had fallen at the nursing home. No one notified me, nor was any medical treatment administered. We noticed that my mom was coughing very badly. We asked 2 nurses to check on her and the both said that they would -neither did. That night we finally got a nurse to check on her and she was found to have a fever, and was wheezing badly. Breathing treatments were ordered as needed. One cay she was wheezing so badly, and when I asked the nurse about it, she told me that the treatment was ordered PRN, and that mom hadn't asked for a treatment. Mom was too ill to know to ask for a treatment, and the nurse just didn't give it. PRN means as needed, not as asked for. When she first went to the nursing home she was in a nice sized semiprivate room. We were told that she was going to be moved to another room temporarily while the hall she was on was remodeled. She was moved to a semiprivate room that was so small that there was no way to put a chair for a visitor to sit. I spoke to the social worker and told her that I wasn't at all pleased with the room, and asked how long remodeling would take. The social worker told us that there was no remodeling, that mom would be in that room permanently! I talked with the administrator and told her that we were very unpleased! I told her how small the room was. She told us that the rooms were the same size! I asked the administrator to come and see the room, and she refused!!! In my opinion, this is not a good nursing home at all. We have now moved my mom into a very nice nursing home where she is well cared for. I would NEVER want to see someone I love in Roswell Nursing Home and Rehab