Review of Renaissance Center

1 Star User Review

Renaissance center is a horrible facility that is short staffed (2 nurses for every 28 Patients!) and not very clean. My grandmother was at this facility following a stay at the hospital. She was not taken care of, the nurses never came to assist her when she called them. they allowed her to lay in her own urine for longer than an hour. The staff is very argumentative as well, I asked for help getting my grandmother to the restroom and was told no countless times and then argued with about the situation. One nurse even told my grandmother to go to the bathroom in her bed because she couldn't help her! Patients are being neglected on a daily basis at this facility. Patients are not supervised, they are not getting help when they need it… I heard a lady across the hall from my grandmother calling for help and the nurse yelled at her and told her to shut up!! The nurse also refused to call 911 when my grandmother told her she was having chest pains! I had to argue with them about getting her back to the hospital to be checked out!! Issues were also discussed with the facility's admin and nothing was done. The state should really investigate this place and shut it down!! I feel bad for the people that are stuck in this facility that have to endure this neglect! The only reason this facility is getting a star is because I am required to give it a rating.