Review of Pruitthealth - Decatur

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Terrible service to clients. Long waiting periods for response to call lights. Very, very bad food. Just bad all around. Can not say one good thing about the facility or the care the clients receive. Housekeeping poor, bathrooms not clean, room floors dirty. They run out of towels and gowns, so they have a good excuse not to clean clients. Medications found in patients room. No one is accountable, you can complaint to 10 people, but it is your fault you did not complain to the right person. If client does not have daily family visits they are in the wrong place. Would rate it -3 on scale.

Replies to This Review

I truly understand your complaints because I am going through the same issues so I know its not just me. I am thankful for the acceptance but had I known the service was as poor as it is I would have never agreed for my father to go there. I will be so glad when I can bring him home. It's got to get better.