Review of Tuskawilla Nursing and Rehab Center

1 Star User Review

The rehab is pretty outside but when you enter the place the people are rude starting with the blonde hair receptionist…The cna's and nurses are cold and rude…They have the residents sitting at the nurses station for hours….One old lady was sitting there smelling like 2 day old pre and poop…You walk past her and the smell will have you stomach turning inside out and upsided down…The take your personal belongings and give them to other people to use…They throw everything in boxes and tape them even if it is food that will spoil and the bugs was in the bag…They put poop in clothes in plastic bags and put them in a box and tape it…How do you treat the people's property like that?If you know like I know run pass that place and keep on going…I would not put my dog with those people to take care of….Don't go by the rating of the state it is not true you will see when you put your love one in the place that you made a mistake…Most of these places are just in it for the money and don't pay good so the service is terrible..How do you send a resident out for care and they lose them and don't know where they are….Then you call the residents family to ask where transportation drop them off at….Then had to call the transportation company to find the resident…All those people should be fired including the director of nursing sitting at a nice desk and no clue how the place is being ran….Things have to get better for the people that are in that smelly hell hole….The state should take the owners licences to run these places….Take the residents money and allow them to be treated like crap…God bless those poor people because they need help in getting out of that hell hole…They all have to answer to God one day…The elderly should be treated right because you never know how long your love one will be around…Last but not least my in laws make visits in the morning and they really got to see what that place was really like left on the toilet for along time….Left in poop and need to be changed…I received a call at work to be told about the place not being clean and you have to beg someone to take the resident off of the toilet…All about money not treating the people with respect….