Review of Consulate Health Care of Winter Haven

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Hi, I recently visited consulate healthcare of winter haven to see my aunt who was a patient there. I have to tell you this facility is a hazardous facility. When I walked through the double doors on the side of the building were my aunt was there was a memo asking visitors to go to the nurses’ station before visiting a patient because of the flu season. Well I visited the nurses’ station and found that to be a lie. There had been an outbreak of a stomach virus and everyone was ill including the staff. I went to my aunts room on the Sub acute side of the building and as I entered the room my aunt 72yrs old is sitting up in the bed with vomit all over her, I asked a staff to help her and she bit my head off saying there all sick including the staff and she will be there when she can, then I went to the bathroom to wash my hands after trying to help her myself and there was no soap to wash my hands or paper towels to dry them, that was very disgusting. When the staff enters the room after a while, as she started to get things together to clean my aunt, there weren’t any gloves either. The staff was very unhappy and openly discussing the new management decisions, and in my opinion there decisions is the reason this virus got so out of hand. First the staff told me that the company is stealing there sick time if they call off sick they are getting paid for 8hrs but the new administrator and management takes 12hrs so the staff is being punished for calling out sick. Therefore they try to stay at work sick and spreading infectious viruses because there scared of being robbed of their sick time if they call out sick. This facility has really gone downhill since this new administrator come aboard, you can feel the tension when you walk through the building, who would want to do business with a company that put their staff and patients in hazardous situation to save a dollar, that is unfair to the patients and the staff, I had my cousin transfer my aunt to spring lake a block away where they are actually considering long term care and she is well taken care of. Consulate doesn’t care about its staff so how can they care about your loved one and steal from their staff, doesn’t supply the staff with adequate important materials like soap, paper towels, and gloves to do their job. They should close this building down before they kill someone by trying to save a dollar.

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