Review of Winter Haven Health and Rehabilitation Center

4 Star User Review

At just a glance this place doesn't look like much and we skipped it by when looking for a residence for my mother and were a bit concerned when the hospital discharged her there. However, we could not have been more pleased with the level of care, both physical and emotional, she received. Unlike the first, more expensive place she lived in, the staff were in and out of her room just to chat and make her stay more inviting and were always open to concerns about my mother's well being. There is a very low turnover of staff suggesting the working conditions were good and the staff to resident ratio is quite high. The physical plant is clean and the food is good. As a guide to anyone searching for a residence, use your nose. There is no smell of urine at WHHR. Don't let the looks or the neighborhood scare you off. This is a fine place where residents come first.

Replies to This Review

Who ever wrote this review must either work there or hasn't been there lately . This place is horrible if I had my choice I wouldn't send my dog there. They leave dirty diapers in the trash in the residents room the food is horrible the nurses tell the residents not to use there call buttons and when they do it takes the staff fore ever to answer them . This place is either severely under staffed or they just don't care. They let residents sit in dirty diapers knowing they already have a nasty rash for entirely to long it took 40 minutes to get them to change a diaper. The only people who seem to care is the therapy department they actually seem to put out some effort and may go to bat for you unless they have been replaced for actually caring. Please do not send your loved ones to this hell hole you will be sorry. No one should have to ever go to this place if there is any other option.