Review of Health Central Park

1 Star User Review

If someone you love needs a nursing home, keep them away from Health Central Park. I was there for 1 1/2 days in November 2013 and was treated with callous disregard for me as a person and and contempt for my intelligence. I had had hip surgery 3 days before and was supposed to go home. Instead the hospital insisted on the nursing home for "rehab." They may have rehab but I certainly didn't see it. I was refused a walker, slung in a scale like a side of meat, left on a bedpan until it cut into my flesh, forced to lie next to an air conditioner running full tilt and treated rudely when I asked a staff person to clear her mess out of the bathroom so I could use it. "Rehab" was 25 minutes, 10 walking in the hall and 15 in a grubby basement pedaling a machine while the "therapist" left to make a phone call. I left against their advice despite being threatened with having to pay the whole bill. The bill, BTW was $1900 for the 1 1/2 days.