Review of Addington Place at Wellington Green

2 Star User Review

This facility truly has a lot of room for improvement! Nursing staff on the second floor is great during the day but horrible on the nights and weekend. They have ONE aide for about 10 patients which means, if your family member needs assistance to use the rest room, they better be ready to wait for help! The case worker I had to deal with, Sean, was seemed uneducated on coordinating my father's discharge. He could rarely answer my questions and seemed to forget a lot. He was very slow to coordinate home health and ordering a walker. My father was discharged without a walker and was home without home care for 5 days because of that case worker even after I gave him the name and phone number to the agency my father's ortho recommended.

The dining room was also a nightmare for my father as they would leave patients in the dining room up to 1 hour after they're done eating because the aides forget about them. Medications were also very LATE upon admission. My father went about 20 hours without his blood pressure medication and other cardio medications when he was admitted.

The therapy on the other hand was amazing. All the therapists are caring and know what they're doing. The nurse practitioner was also very caring and went above and beyond to assist my father in his recovery.

I know this place has only been open for a year so they really have room for improvement. I truly wish the experience would have been different as it really is a beautiful building with a lot of potential.