Review of Freedom Square Rehabilitation & Nursing Services

1 Star User Review

Please don't take your loved ones here. There is literally no nursing care. They are so understaffed. Call buttons are ignored. The night staff is abominable. Physicians are never called when needed. My brother had wounds on his feet. They sent their 'wound nurse' once in a while…who put cream on the wounds and wrapped them. I finally moved him to another facility where a wound DOCTOR saw him. Conclusion: his leg was amputated due to the poor care he received at this rehab center. The rehab staff was great! They tried. If all you need is rehab this may be OK, but watch your loved one carefully if any medical attention is needed. There is none. Beware. We thought we were going to a 'Freedom Square' facility. It is NOT. It is Brookdale…not Freedom Square which has a good reputation for its care.