Review of Abbey Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

1 Star User Review

I was a patient in the newly opened Physical Rehab section and was miserable the entire time. There is no pharmacy onsite and there were a number of instances that I had to wait many hours until the 5am delivery for basic medicines and then it took another 2 hours once medication arrived for the nurse to bring it to me. The Rehab section is severly understaffed at night (God forbid anything happen between 11pm and 6am or the weekends, you will be S-O-L) Horrible cold food, cold coffee hardly ever available. Extremely uncomfortable beds. Visits from doctors were very infrequent, issues & complaints often fell on deaf ears (or just fell through the cracks.) No one picked up the phone at the center after 5pm so family couldn't get any info. I would never ever reccommend this as a place to put a loved one (maybe just my enemies)